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We love to see homeschoolers across the nation using the Rush Revere Series! We work with homeschool groups and families to incorporate the #1 New York Times Bestselling series into their history curriculum. Below are some ideas to make your reading even more fun!

Create a Little Liberty with Book 1!

Create a Little Liberty with Book 1!

What better way to get to know one of the stars of the Rush Revere Series than by creating him?! This homeschool co-op got to know the hilarious talking horse Liberty by making their own little Liberty out of cotton balls. Great job, everyone! Make sure to send in your group’s photos for a special answer from Liberty!

Dress Like a Historical Figure with Book 2!

Dress Like a Historical Figure with Book 2!

Let your homeschooler explore the historical figures of Rush Revere and the First Patriots through a living book report. Cecilia LOVED making Patrick Henry come alive again through her presentation. She wrote in, “Give me Liberty or give me death!” For a special treat, give a prize to the presenter with the best costume.

Make a Timeline with Book 3!

Make a Timeline with Book 3!

Homeschooler Lauren had a great idea to make sure she was understanding history as she read Rush Revere and the American Revolution. Lauren and her mom made a timeline of all the major battles leading up to the U.S victory! Help your student track alongside history as they make their own timeline like Lauren!

Travel to Our Nation's Capital with Book 4!

Travel to Our Nation’s Capital with Book 4!

Inspired by the Time-Traveling Crew’s trip in Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner, this homeschool family made a trip to D.C.! They visited all the places the Crew went from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial and more. The family even brought along their Liberty plush so Liberty would not miss out on the fun! Bring your homeschool family or co-op on this exciting trip and listen to the audiobooks in the car.

Host a "Presidential Party" with Book 5!

Host a “Presidential Party” with Book 5!

We are thrilled to see the creative ways this homeschool co-op is discovering the presidents! Together, they spoke about what it means to be president and wrote down their goals for the United States if they were to become president one day. They even ate some of the favorite foods of our first president George Washington (hint: apple pie!). And, of course, they ended the day reading from Book 5: Rush Revere and the Presidency. So FUN!

Rush Revere's Homeschool Favorites

Justin, Sarah, and Lisa from South Carolina
Justin, Sarah, and their mom, Lisa, wrote in to tell us how much they enjoy using the Rush Revere Series in their homeschool learning! They just discovered the series and quickly fell in love. This year, they decided to do an art project featuring our very favorite – Liberty! What an excellent idea to keep American history fun and exciting.
We love hearing from outstanding families like this one! Write to us with your homeschool family or co-op story and you may be our next homeschool spotlight!

More Fun Ideas

• Create a Mayflower Model! Using the photo of the floors of the Mayflower in the very beginning of Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, draw or create your own model of the famous ship.
• Write a presidential speech! After reading about the ways George Washington shaped the presidency, have your student write an election speech of their own. If you are in a co-op, host a mini “election”!
Read with Liberty! Pass around your Liberty plush to your family or group while you read Rush Revere aloud and send in your photos. One co-op group even picked a different student to send Liberty home with each week so they could report back on their adventures!