Ken Helping to Spread the Blessings of America to Students


Ken from Idaho is the director of two programs that support outside school activities for kids. Over the course of the last two years, Ken has bought 80 copies of the Rush Revere books for the program! Ken loves to play the audiobooks out loud and let the kids follow along. He told us that this works “especially well with the younger kids as they see how to pronounce more advanced words – speeding up their vocabulary and literacy skills.” We are so grateful to be a part of this!

Ken says the reason he chose to use the Rush Revere books was because he wanted to “instill in our youth how blessed we are to live in America” and that the United States was “destined to be the standard bearer of freedom and liberty for the world.” Ken’s passion is incredible. He’s working hard to instill confidence and verbal development in his students, and we couldn’t be more proud!