Teacher Mrs. Kim M.

Mrs. Kimberly M. is this month’s Rush Revere Teacher of the Month. In her 34 years teaching, she has learned the skills to inspire and educate young people. For the last nine years she has taught at a school in central California, where she currently teaches second grade. Mrs. M.’s husband Rick wrote a “tongue in cheek” email to us saying that author Rush Limbaugh “stole” his job of reading books to her class. Mrs. M. was using the Rush Revere audiobooks to engage the children, but do not worry, Rick still reads weekly to the students – including the books in the Rush Revere Series!

Mrs. M. has a creative way of teaching, including the very cool Mayflower student creation seen in the photo above. Apparently the students “REALLY got into it: from making their own little stick figures with their school pictures as faces and dressing themselves up as Pilgrims, to making the ‘planks’ of the ship made out of facts they’d learned from the Brave Pilgrims to making tons and tons of barrels so they wouldn’t get hungry on the trip!”

This is a truly exciting idea, with the students becoming “part” of the adventure, acting as passengers on the voyage and even chatting about Freedom, Tommy and Liberty. Mrs. M. even used Freedom as an example when speaking about the relationship between the Pilgrims and Native American peoples near Plymouth.

These classes sound so fun, it makes us all want to dive right in and learn ourselves. Thank you Mrs. M. and your husband Rick for all you do, and for spreading the message about American history!