Teacher Ms. Mimi M.

Fort Worth, Texas
Our Rush Revere Teacher of the Month is Ms. Mimi M. of Ed Wilkie Middle School in Fort Worth, Texas. When we spoke with Ms. M., we were filled with excitement about the work she is doing for her students. You see, she teaches sixth to eighth grade students who are developmentally challenged. Using the Rush Revere books, she makes history come alive, like with a young student named Cameron. Cameron is unable to speak, but Ms. M. let us know that the books “open up her world.”

After reading the books, the students go online to learn more about the subjects from the Rush Revere series. For example, when they read about the National Archives in Rush Revere and the American Revolution, they continued their learning beyond the pages of the series, through online study guides and activities. The students also use the books to distinguish between fun characters like our friend Liberty the talking magical horse, and historical figures like Benjamin Franklin.

Ms. M. told us that she appreciates authors Rush and Kathryn Limbaugh so much. She said, “I know we are not the typical class but these books have opened up a marvelous opportunity for my students to learn. Text books do not speak to them, but stories do and so do vivid characters. They love to laugh at the silly things Liberty does.”

We admire and thank you Ms. M. for your wonderful work. We cannot wait to hear more from your amazing students!