Teacher Kevin G.

Naples, Florida
Our Teacher of Month is Mr. Kevin G. of Osceola Elementary School in Naples, Florida. Mr. G is an inspiration to his students, and demonstrates the values we hold dear at the Adventures of Rush Revere Series. He clearly cares deeply about the education of his fourth graders, and motivates them to learn and grow through fun, practical lessons including American history.

Mr. G. started reading Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims to his class in September 2016, and has since done some really cool student activities. In the class there is a Rush Revere poster, they printed and used the online activities such as “Draw Your Own Settlement,” and each student completed a book report on the book. They also use the free Rush Revere Study Guides online to complete the students’ learning.

The word about patriotic American history is spreading through Mr. G’s efforts. He has shared the Rush Revere website with other teachers at Osceola Elementary, and now has six other teachers using the series in their classes! At the end of the school year students dress up as their favorite characters and receive Adventures of Rush Revere prizes.

In a recent conversation with us, Mr. G. said, “You can’t believe what an impact you guys have had on all of the 4th grade kids. They keep talking about our celebration and the books. I have seen so many of the other kids have bought copies of the others in the series on their own and I have several in my class who are tearing through the First Patriots! So, thank you thank you thank you.”

Thank you Mr. G for all that you do to inspire the young people of your school. They will remember it for a lifetime!