Teacher Mrs. Allison B.

Mrs. B. is our teacher of the Month. Mrs. B. teaches 3rd grade. Mrs. B. said, “You have no idea what these books are doing to my students! They are becoming history buffs… and loving it. We have completed Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims and are about to begin Book 2. We are planning our own voyage aboard the Mayflower in November. We will be dressing up as William Bradford, Miles Standish and other characters we learned about in your book. The students are already excited about this event.” Additionally Mrs. B. had her students create Rush Revere cereal boxes for one of our Cereal Box Creation Challenges!

We are very proud of the work Mrs. B. is doing and very proud of her class!

How other teachers are using the series:

Ms. Morris

Highland Middle School

Teachers around the country are using the Adventures of Rush Revere Series in innovative ways! Ms. Morris of Highland Middle School shared some fantastic methods she uses with her students who are special ed, with severe and profound needs. She said they are very eager to learn and love Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims and that they read around 5-6 pages every week. After each chapter they take the quiz, which she modifies into multiple choice. She shared these fantastic photos of her students practicing using a bow after learning about how Samoset had a bow and arrow over his shoulder in the Rush Revere Series. What a teacher, and what great students!