Student of the Month: Quinn


Our student of the Month this month is fourth-grader Quinn from Lansing, Michigan! We spoke with her father Darin and he shared a brilliant letter she sent to her school librarian. Her assignment was to write a persuasive letter to any person and she chose to petition her librarian to purchase the Adventures of Rush Revere books for her school library. How cool is that?

Now, the librarian at first refused to buy the books when she received Quinn’s letter, due to the librarian’s own views on author Rush Limbaugh’s politics. We made sure to work with Quinn and her father after hearing this, and sent her a full set of the books. You know what the coolest thing of all is? Quinn managed to convince the school librarian, who accepted the Rush Revere books for all kids in the school to share. Now that is a story with a fantastic ending! When Liberty heard about it he was all smiles! Check out this photo of Quinn, her school principal and librarian, happily accepting the books. Way to go!

I love sports! Football is my favorite.
I am the Quarterback for the Manchester Middle School Lions Football Team.
I build forts with Cam because he lives near me.
Principal Sherman thinks I don’t know much about history but I do!







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From Virginia


From Virginia