Student of the Month: Becca


Our Rush Revere Student of the Month this month is Becca from California. She is a fifth grade student who is also an American Heritage girl. We called and spoke with Becca’s mom Terri who let us know that the young lady is very passionate both about learning American history and teaching it to others! In fact, during a recent class re-creation of the Boston Massacre trial, Becca reached out to us about getting Rush Revere books to her teacher. We hear that when the books arrived the class of 72 fifth graders tore into them. They did a great job during the re-creation with sixth graders looking on.

Becca’s mom let us know that “Education through creative methods is one of our heartbeats.” This is exactly how authors Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh feel and they were very happy to hear all about Becca, her class and her family. We all are so proud of you!

I love sports! Football is my favorite.
I am the Quarterback for the Manchester Middle School Lions Football Team.
I build forts with Cam because he lives near me.
Principal Sherman thinks I don’t know much about history but I do!







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From Virginia


From Virginia