Taking the mystery out of history!

Taking the mystery out of history!


Through the Adventures of Rush Revere, our team has been in contact with so many cool people. One such awesome patriot, Bob, is the president of his local Sons of the American Revolution group in Georgia. Bob told us how he travels around to different schools with a special trunk full of interesting historical artifacts to show students. The group’s mission is to “take the mystery out of history” and they meet with over 2000 students per year!

When Bob reached out to us, we were able to hook him up with book sets for each school he visits. During his visits, he dresses up like the founders and passes around all sorts of replicas of artifacts for the kids to look at. Check out these awesome costumes!

Passionate Rush Revere readers are not just elementary students!

Passionate Rush Revere readers are not just elementary students!


Cathy of Iowa, is part of a women’s group who’s mission is to get a set of the Rush Revere books into all 30 schools in their county. The group has been meeting with the school board and head librarians to ensure a good relationship with the schools. We love having such awesome advocates for the series!

When telling us how much she loved the website, Cathy said, “If any teacher or librarian goes through that website there is NO WAY they can’t be impressed!” Keep it up, Cathy! We’re looking forward to updates on how many schools have received the books!

Florida Second Grade Teacher Shares Story of Featured Student

Florida Second Grade Teacher Shares Story of Featured Student


Theresa, a second grade teacher in Neptune Beach, FL, wrote to share news about her classroom. The Rush Revere Crew recently sent gifts to the class including Liberty plush dolls, sets of books, and bookmarks. Theresa, along with fellow teacher Allison, who is a former Rush Revere Teacher of the Month, both enjoy using the books and participating in the programs. She let us know that a picture of one of the students from the school, Willa F., was featured in the latest book – Rush Revere and the Presidency. She added, “Boy is everyone talking about that!”

Theresa also let us know that she and Mrs. B. are working together to come up with “additional ways to incorporate the books into the curriculum.” She promised to share new ideas with the Rush Revere Crew, and we will make sure everyone else hears about them too!

Students in California take Part in Mock Colonial Trial

Students in California take Part in Mock Colonial Trial


We spoke with Terry of Morgan Hill, CA recently about her daughter Becca who is an American Heritage Girl and attends a charter school.  Becca brought Rush Revere books to her teacher, who was thrilled to receive them.  Her class later re-enacted the Boston Massacre Mock Trial where they dressed up in colonial costumes. You may remember this trial as the one where future second president John Adams defended the British soldiers, to prove the American legal system was fair. In all, 72 fifth graders participated, while the sixth graders observed.

Terry let us know that Becca, “can’t wait for others to get passionate about accurate and more complete American history with Rush Revere.” Becca is pictured dressed up for the Boston Massacre mock trial with stacks of Rush Revere books.