Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh and all of us at the Adventures of Rush Revere Series are proud to support classrooms nationwide. We absolutely love hearing from you and sharing your great stories with other teachers, students, and parents. Below are some of our favorites!

Rush Limbaugh’s Mini-me Connor

Rush Limbaugh’s Mini-me Connor


Isn’t Connor seen in the photo above the absolute cutest? He is dressed up as his hero Rush Limbaugh for a “living museum” day. Did you notice the Limbaugh Letters, Two If By Tea, the Rush Revere books and Connor’s outfit? You really did a great job Connor, this is absolutely perfect. When his mom Sara first gave him Brave Pilgrims he was unsure about the idea of American history. Then he read it in just a week and a half! The event went well and Connor told everyone who attended about his hero. Oh, and by the way, like Rush, Connor wears a hearing aid.

Would Bird and Liberty Be Friends?

Would Bird and Liberty Be Friends?


Who do you think this photo looks like? Any guesses? His name is “Bird” and yes, he looks a lot like our friend Liberty the Horse! This was sent in by retired Army Colonel Earl G. telling us about his daughter Kathy. She is an elementary school principal in Idaho, and Earl sent her the books, which she loved and began to use in her classes. Bird is the school’s mascot! Kathy wrote: “Thank you for your role in bringing our great American history to life for our children.” Thank you Kathy for your wonderful work bringing history to life. All children in the class were sent copies of the book series and we hear they are enjoying all five!

Michelle’s Students Sketch while She Reads

Michelle’s Students Sketch while She Reads


Michelle from Indiana wrote to let us know that her father is the “biggest Rush Limbaugh and Rush Revere fan.” She is a 4th-grade teacher, who grew up listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show with her father. Now she reads the Rush Revere series to her students who love to sketch drawings while she reads. That sounds a lot like Freedom and Maddie at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.! Can you guess who the students in Michelle’s class say is their favorite character in the series. Yes, it is Liberty of course! Liberty sure loves to hear that, thank you for sharing this great story.

Taking the mystery out of history!

Taking the mystery out of history!


Through the Adventures of Rush Revere, our team has been in contact with so many cool people. One such awesome patriot, Bob, is the president of his local Sons of the American Revolution group in Georgia. Bob told us how he travels around to different schools with a special trunk full of interesting historical artifacts to show students. The group’s mission is to “take the mystery out of history” and they meet with over 2000 students per year!

When Bob reached out to us, we were able to hook him up with book sets for each school he visits. During his visits, he dresses up like the founders and passes around all sorts of replicas of artifacts for the kids to look at. Check out these awesome costumes!

Passionate Rush Revere readers are not just elementary students!

Passionate Rush Revere readers are not just elementary students!


Cathy of Iowa, is part of a women’s group who’s mission is to get a set of the Rush Revere books into all 30 schools in their county. The group has been meeting with the school board and head librarians to ensure a good relationship with the schools. We love having such awesome advocates for the series!

When telling us how much she loved the website, Cathy said, “If any teacher or librarian goes through that website there is NO WAY they can’t be impressed!” Keep it up, Cathy! We’re looking forward to updates on how many schools have received the books!