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What are Teachers and Students saying about the Adventures of Rush Revere Series?
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“He giggles, and laughs, and remembers all the names of each person you mention…Thank you Sir, for taking your knowledge, making it easy for a 7-year-old to understand, (and for a Grandma to enjoy reading it to him) and for telling the truth in a way that is interesting and captivating.”



“Thanks for the wonderful history lessons. We just finished Rush Revere and the American Revolution…what an ending! My girl asked why I had tears and started crying so I explained how this truly happens in airports all across the land!”



“Kasen loves reading the Rush Revere series of books by himself and he enjoys having them read to him at night before bed. Thank you Rush for making American history so fun!!”



“If I thought the book sent my afternoon group into a fever-pitch, Liberty brought the house down! Thank you SO much for bringing such unbridled ebullience to our lives”



“The students loved the books and are anxiously awaiting the 4th installment! Great job, Rush and Liberty!! We love history!!”



“My husband and I listen to the recorded versions when traveling and then pass onto the grandsons. What a marvelous vision into history for all of us, we are all learning more about our history and love these books!”