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What are Teachers and Students saying about the Adventures of Rush Revere Series?
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“Every time I read the book and I have Liberty it feels like Liberty just wants to take me on an adventure. I get a lot of my cousins now to liking this book. It’s like we have our own Rush Revere Book Club in my room. And every time they hear the phrase “Rush, Rush, Rushing to history” they say that they get the giggles. Say HI to Freedom for me please and also Tommy. Bye, Thank you, thank you, thank you.”



“Dear, Rush Revere and Liberty how are you doing?  I love your books so much.”



“This is my 3rd grade book report on Rush Revere. I had to make a bottle buddy of Rush Revere.”



Dear Mr. Revere, Hi, I’m Sophia I’m 7 years old. I read your books all the time and they are very exciting. My favorite characters are Liberty your horse, Freedom and George Washington. I’m reading your second book and I’m almost done with it. I will move on to the next one when I’m done.”



“Loved all three of the books!  Couldn’t put them down when I started and then couldn’t hardly wait for the next one to come available!”


Kaylee and Kierstyn

“Dear Rush Revere and Liberty, My husband and I took my nieces to Boston this summer for their first visit. Before we left, the nieces, my parents (their grandparents), and I all read your tales.”



Reagan received an A+ on her book report of “The First Patriots!” She had to do a scrapbook report and chose to put her favorite character “Liberty” on the front!”



“Colonial Days at school! I received all three Rush Revere books for Christmas and just finished “Pilgrims”!  I can’t wait to read “Patriots”! Thanks so much Rush Revere!”