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What are Teachers and Students saying about the Adventures of Rush Revere Series?
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“They actually want to learn about history with this series. Hearing them laugh throughout the story and enjoy it is so rewarding.”



“She didn’t want to wait a few minutes to get back to the story, so she took over reading. We love the series & now she’s wanting the newest one for her birthday. Not a toy, but a book!”



He loves reading them to his little sister, Lauren…I love hearing him laugh hysterically and then yelling at me to tell me what Liberty just did. He also let’s me read to him sometimes too. He will come up to us and start discussing the Indians, King George…”



“I just want to take a moment to say, “Thank you.” Not only do you write great books to get kids interested in history, you are very interactive with them…I love watching my kids learn, and pass on the kindness! Thanks again!”



She flew through book one & is hooked. She is an avid reader but wasn’t reading history until now. Thanks Rush!”



“I love your books!! My mom uses your books to help me learn about American History. We are almost done with the 3rd book and we are ready to go on another adventure with you and Liberty in your 4th book!!!”